The Team

The Official just me...Cristian (in photo). Though I do have some contractors helping me with programming. I would like to start bringing in dedicated team members either by the end of the this year 2018 or early 2019.

Do you like learning languages online?

I do too! There are many great platforms out there, right? The problem is that you can't choose just one...Literally! If you want to learn a language online you need to use multiple programs. You've seen how messy that could get, right? For me, my motivation dropped by the day because there wasn't a solid path that I could follow. Everything mixed and it felt like a never ending loop. I know I'm not the only one who suffered from misdirection.

Do you share my problem and want to see a fix?

I had to do something! I needed to build the "One" platform that could bring a complete beginner to fluent. I am a long way out from completing that vision but the site, as it currently is, is the base for something great.