The Feed

This is the primary way to engage with other people on the site. You must keep in mind that there are a couple rules that you must follow. Read the, "Writing a Post" section to become familiar with those rules.

How to Write a Post

Writing a post works just like any other social media website, however there is one function that isn't on most social media sites and that is the, "Post language" selection.

The "Post Language" drop-down is marked in blue. The languages that will show in the list are all of the languages you have selected, native and the languages you are learning. These can be changed from within your settings. (Go to your settings here)

The grey rectangular box in between the "Post Language" drop-down and the "Post" button is where you will set the Privacy of the post to Public, Friends, of Private.

As you can see, when the post goes live there is a flag that gets attached to the right of the post marking the language of the post.

The reason for this is to make it easy to find posts that are being made in that language.

Community Posts

Community Posts are the fastest way to get in and start using the language. You can make your own or you can respond to others. To have your posts be visible in the Community section then you need to set the privacy to Public when you submit it.

The Reader

This is the core learning tool of the website. Every word is a new term that could be saved and reviewed later. There are various systems that use this and more on the way. (New website updates will be posted in the, "Updates Feed" tab)

Importing New Texts

If you can't find what you need on our site or you found an article on the internet that you would like to read, then you can always import your own text to the site. These can only be seen by you. Free users are only allowed 10 imports at any given time and are limited to 1000 characters per import, but you can remove and replace any import at any time.

To make a new import press My Imports +. This will open a pop-up where you can select the language, give a title, and paste in the text you want to import.

As you can see (in the first photo) you will be able to find three of the most recent imports listed. However, if you want to see the full list, you can click the blue text below that says "see more imports..." This will bring you to the following screen where you can see and edit the full list.

Using the Reader

When you open up one of your imports you will get to a screen that looks like the following.

As you can see, there are various different highlights. If you're just starting our you will see a screen filled with blue highlighted words.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


The higher the level the lighter the highlight gets, until it is completely gone. Do keep in mind that the level "Known" is for recognition. This means you may still have a difficult time trying to reproduce the word.

Reproduction requires a different kind of practice.

How to Save Terms

When you click on any highlighted word you'll get the following popup.

1. Starting from the top, where you see the word "Dog" in English is where the translation of the word will be. (This can be edited)

2. Below, there are 5 radio buttons that allow you to select the level of the word. The one with the ring around it indicates the selected level. (Level 5 does not = Known)

3. To the bottom left, you will see a white square and a word that says "Test". This is where you can easily select the word to show in the Spaced Repetition tool. (to learn about testing words please go to the tabs at the top of the page and click "Tester")

4. Next, there is a circular button with an X in the middle. If you click this, the selected term will be ignored. This will remove the highlight, but it won't count as a word known. (You may want to ignore terms that aren't a part of the actual language, names, places, etc.)

5. Next, there is a rectangular button with an Check in the middle. If you click this, the selected term will be set as know. This will remove the highlight and it will go into your words known count.

6. Lastly, there is a save button. If you edit the translation text, the level, or the test selections you will have to press save before any changes are saved. The X and the Check save automatically when clicked. On save, the pop-up closes.

The Tester

We use a Spaced Repetition System with our testing tool and we never force you to learn words you don't want to. This tool is made to go at your own pace and we've built a work around for words you may already know. (Read "Testing Words" to learn more about this)

How to Test Terms

Currently the testing tool is very basic. You will be shown a word in your target language and you are required to write the translation.

If you get the answer right, you move up a step.

There are 5 levels and each contains two steps (so 10 steps in total)

If you get the question wrong then you get dropped to the beginning of the previous level.

Ex. Current - Level 3 if wrong drop to Level 2 | Current - Level 4 Step 2 if wrong drop to Level 3

IMPORTANT - to have a word appear in the tests you must activate the word first. To see how to do that select, "Activating Terms for Testing" below.

How to Activate Terms for Testing

There are two locations where you can activate terms.

One, within the translation pop-up in the reader.

Two, within the saved words list.

To get to the saved words list you can go to the Read home page and in the top right you can click the blue button the reads, "See All Saved Words"

Another way is going to the Test home page where you can find the following. Here you can click, "Edit Active Words".

Spaced Repetition System

Each level has two parts to it with times to mark the next testing session. (See the image to the right for times)

The minimal total time for testing is 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours and 30 minutes per term.

Keep in mind, once a term is marked "Known" through the site it only means that you should recognize it on sight. It may not mean that you with be fluent at using the word in real life contexts. The only way to become truly fluent in a word is to actually use it.


You get 10 points per correct answer.

...and sorry the points aren't permanently saved yet.

The Blog

This is a user generated source of content that allows you to read it using our reading tool. If you want to write your own content we don't have many restrictions of what you can write Please read the rules in "Writing Blog Posts".

Reading & Saving Blog Posts

The blog works just like the reader does, but you can search for user generated content in various languages.

To save posts for easy access later you can press the "+" button that shows all posts

Writing Requirements

If you want to read the full requirements you can go here.


1. Write in your native language

2. 300 words minimum

3. Have one photo to be used as a feature image

The Shop

Currently, all of the books on the site are taken from the public domain. If you want to find them on your own you are free to do so. The ones provided on the site are paid (individually or by premium membership). It is important that you understand you are "paying for the service" and "not the actual books" themselves.

The New Shop

Right now the shop is very new and hasn't fully been established. As we begin to finalize the system we will start adding more here.