I don't know how much longer it will take, but I'm currently working on getting a shop with ebooks to use in the reader and also premium features. Up until now, I've been focused on making the site the best it can be, but without a good supply of income, there's only so much more I can do. I hope it comes soon! Keep your eyes open
Espero que todos tiene un magnífico Christmas. El próximo es el año nuevo. Por eso estoy muy emocionado! 2018
You know...I hate when things feel like they're taking too long, but in reality, they're going perfectly fine. Patience, right? It's hard to stay patient.
El próximo año es viniendo más rápido! Hay muchas cosas que quiero hacer. Este sitio tiene muchas cosas para hacerlo mejor también. Y algún aplicaciónes para móvil sería fantástico!

2018 no puedo esperar!!!
Finally started doing an interview series. The first one is of Lindsay from Watch the whole interview here:
So excited that I'm finally able to get the blog onto the I just need some posts!
No matter how slow you long as you are moving forward you will succeed.
AIT ALI Ferhat: good saying
This is the amount of snow I get where I live. I hope to move in the near future...move away from the snow haha
Cristian Davila: About as north as north can go in the US haha
Linguaphilia Life: Wow, I'm jealous - we never get enough snow for snowmen or sledging
Cristian Davila: Haha, want to trade? I've lived in very snowy places all my life. I want to go somewhere where it doesn't snow for a while