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Progressive Spaced Repetition

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What is Progressive Spaced Repetition?

We took the classic model of Spaced Repetition and built a system that will reduce your stress while you review and progressively build your vocabulary naturally.

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WeLing Library

Get access to all books under the category WeLing Library.


Text-to-Voice playable through the reader. (select languages)

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All the Best Connected

The Reader and Progressive Spaced Repetition will be CONNECTED

All the words you review will change the level in the reader. If you find a new word, while reading, you can add it without leaving the page.

Support Development

What We’re Planning

  • • Clean-up the User Interface
  • • Massive Upgrade to the Reading Tool
  • • Re-work of the Messaging System
  • • And the BIG ONE - Bring WeLing to Mobile!

P-SRS (Coming Soon)

WeLing Library

Text-to-Voice (*)

Promotion Free

Note By the Creator

My Mission

Hello, I'm Cristian Davila. I spent four long years trying to learn Spanish and I still had to rely on Google Translate for basic sentences.

I've tried everything I could get my hand on, still nothing! You may think, "There's a lot of great tools out there," right?

I don't think we've truly seen what online learning is capable of in the world of foreign languages. I have a vision for what it could be. Here is just a little bit of what keeps me going.

I want to make this into the #1 Platform for Language Learners!

(*) Text to Voice works with: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh.